Here at Ponttec, we offer support and various services for our products. We will guide you through installation, configuration, and keeping your efris systems up to date.

Contact us at anytime if you have further questions regarding our software products, or if a technical problem needs to be solved.


efris can be installed in two different ways: either locally on an internal company server, or remotely as a cloud service. We will install all software and required packages for you, or provide it using our cloud.

Since efris is a web-based solution which fully embraces HTML5, no special client-side software installation is necessary.

Technical Support

We strive to make sure that all efris installations run smoothly and without interruptions. However, should there be any problems - no matter how big or small - we will take care of them as quickly as possible.

Our support staff is well-versed in analyzing typical issues, and capable of solving problems using remote connections such as SSH, for example.

Data Security

We do regular security audits and assessments to make sure that efris and its data are safe and secure. Additionally, SSL encryption is used to secure the transactions between the users and our software systems.


In addition to our other support activities, we also maintain the Linux cloud server and data storage devices regularly. Our efris software is being monitored on a daily basis, as well.