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How to reach Ponttec

Langen (Hessen) has good transport connections. Langen railway station is served by S-Bahn lines S3 and S4 which run between Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt every 15 minutes. Moreover, regional trains on the Frankfurt-Mannheim and Frankfurt-Heidelberg runs stop here too. The travel time from Frankfurt central station to Langen railway station via train is roughly 20 minutes.

If you are using the S-Bahn, you can also get off the train at Langen-Flugsicherung. From this S-Bahn stop, just turn left and follow the street Robert-Bosch-Straße for about 750 metres. At the second roundabout turn right into the street Pittlerstraße for another 170 metres. Then, turn left into the destination street Otto-Hahn-Straße. About 190 metres down the road, you will see our company building on the left side of the street.

From Autobahn A5
At the exit Langen/Mörfelden, take the Bundestraße 486 in the direction of Langen/Egelsbach. Leave the B486 at the exit “Wirtschaftzentrum Langen”, then follow the street Ampèrestraße for 170 metres. Turn left into the Pittlerstraße, and after 450 metres turn left into the destination street Otto-Hahn-Straße.

From Autobahn A3
At the interchange 52-Offenbacher Kreuz, follow the sign to the A661 towards Egelsbach. Take the Bundestraße B486 at the exit 20-Langen (in the direction of Langen). Leave the B486 at the exit to “Bundesbehörden” and then drive straight to the Ohmstraße. After 150 metres, you will get to the corner of Ohmstraße and the destination street Otto-Hahn-Straße. Our company building is located on the right side.

At the airport take the underground "S-Bahn" train in the direction of Frankfurt, which runs every 15 minutes. Take the S-Bahn S8 in the direction of Hanau, until you arrive at Frankfurt central station. Then take the S-Bahn line S3 or S4 in the direction of Darmstadt or Langen. For further directions, see "Travelling by public transport".